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Swing From The Gut

Thursday 13 8.00pmApril

Spoken Word

The RoadHouse Birmingham

Lifford Lane
B30 3DZ

0121 459 5660

Swing From The Gut


Swing from the gut 1482920219

The Roadhouse Birmingham invites you to sharpen your tongues, bring your best game and Swing From the Gut at Birmingham’s brand new monthly poetry competition. More ‘open mic with a winner’ than an actual slam, Swing From the Gut is all about poets pushing themselves and audiences getting to throw some love out to the poets who really blow them away. You might laugh, you might cry, you might even do both at the same time but whatever it is that grabs you, let the poet know about it!

At Swing, each performer gets to bring one poem of up to five minutes in length to blow the crowd away with. Poems are scored in secret by members of the audience chosen on the night, but we encourage other less mathematical methods for measuring awesomeness too; clicking, laughter, applause, or whatever works for you.

At the end of the evening the scores are counted up and the highest scoring poet of the evening wins the grand prize of bus fare home! So if you want to show us all the best you’ve got, push yourself to bring your A-game, or just see and cheer for some awesome poetry come down to The Roadhouse every second Thursday of the month at 8pm

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