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The Tap Dancing Mermaid by Tessa Bide

Sunday 9April



Cannon Hill Park
B12 9QH

0121 446 3232

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The Tap Dancing Mermaid by Tessa Bide


The tap dancing mermaid by tessa bide 1481918129

Gather round, gather round for the Moon’s magical, mystical story about a tippetty-top tap dancer who he has been watching at night. Marina Skippett creeps out of her house every night to shuffle and stomp on the boardwalk to the sounds of the sea. She can’t tap dance at home anymore since her evil, tractor-sized Aunty banned it, threatening to feed Marina’s dinners to the dog. But then, one moonlit night, Marina meets a mysterious, watery boy called Leo swimming in the sea and her life is never the same again.