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Sean McLoughlin

Thursday 16 8.30pmMarch



Cannon Hill Park
B12 9QH

0121 446 3232

Sean McLoughlin


Sean mcloughlin 1481916938

There's panic on the streets. Terrorists, politicians and Kardashians have made the human race hell-bent on its own self-destruction. Luckily, Sean McLoughlin (the misanthrope's misanthrope) has been hitting the self-destruction button his whole life and might just have the experience to get us all through this fog...

There are flies in the ointment though: Our hero is dealing with the collapse of his long-term relationship and has spiralled into his own existential crisis. Before he can help out his fellow man he has to grapple with some of the worries exploding in his mind. What is love? What is hate? Why am I doing these things? What's that smell? All these will be tackled head-on in Sean's spectacular new show, and only one question will remain: Could this warped and lanky fool really be the man to kickstart the resurrection of our species?