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Wednesday 15 7.30pmMarch

Rock & Pop

Kitchen Garden Cafe

17 York Road Kings Heath
B14 7SA

0121 443 4725



Ezio 1483477387

Remember the last time a song really reached you? Straight in, deep inside, talking directly to you, about what you feel – just as if this song was written especially for you, about you? Well – this is what the music of Ezio is about – deep, honest, emotional songs that hit a raw nerve.

Ezio always has two sides: It’s two lead guitarists in one band, Ezio Lunedei and Mark “Booga” Fowell who together form a perfect unit, and it’s two different kinds of music – at home it’s the perfect studio recordings, on stage it’s breathtaking live performances to which you will get addicted after the first gig you’ve been to.