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Beasts and Bugs

30 Jun – 1 Jul


CBSO Centre

Berkley Street
B1 2LF

0121 767 4050

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Beasts and Bugs


Beasts and bugs 1476732234

Waggly tails, furry manes, and everything that buzzes, flies or crawls about: it’s all about beasts and bugs, as a mini-version of the CBSO takes the youngest members of the family on a magical musical safari – from the King of the Beasts to the squiggliest creepie-crawlie! Our popular Notelets concerts at CBSO Centre are specially devised for toddlers, so there’ll be plenty of chances for audience members to march around, dance along …and ROAR!

FREE craft activities take place from an hour before each concert. At the end there is also a chance to meet the musicians and see their instruments close up.